Presidents Message
Welcome to the Marquee Academy of Performing Arts website!

Warm greetings to all of you who are considering becoming students. We invite you to become a part of this exciting development in music education. The hallmarks of Marquee are artistry, scholarship, leadership and community engagement. Please browse our website and explore who and what we are. We know it will generate excitement as you discover the many ways our organization is bringing music education to the Coachella Valley.


We invite everyone to consider becoming part of our organization. There are many ways to participate, including memberships, becoming a volunteer at the Academy, individual and corporate sponsorships, volunteering at concerts, or helping with our exciting fundraising efforts. We encourage you to become involved as a way to utilize your skills or develop new ones and meet new friends who share your values of service to the community and a love of music.


For students - we are here to help you grow in all aspects of performance. For the right student, I can promise you that Marquee is the one of the most amazing place on earth. A place to call home, a place where you will make close friends, study, learn and grow musically, and put your talents to work.

For parents - many parents have anxieties about their children aspiring to a career in music. Today, graduates of music schools are working in fields never before available - such as composers of music for video games or designers of electronic instruments. Some go on to law school and become agents, while others start companies in the digital music space. Some teach in public schools, and some work in hospitals as music therapists. The ability to teach an instrument is a powerful form of career insurance—music teachers abound in every city and village on the planet.


The Marquee experience is an excellent preparation for a music career - even if the student chooses a different path. Marquee gives students the discipline to master an instrument through daily practice; the leadership skills to organize and prepare ensembles for performances; the analytical and problem-solving skills that come from studying composition, harmony, and music theory; and the creativity to express oneself in a unique and authentic way.


If you or your child becomes a Marquee student, I think you will be surprised at the depth of passion and seriousness our students bring to their work. I look forward to welcoming you to the Marquee music family!

J. Matthew Naylor