The inspiration behind the unique model for Marquee comes from a shared lifelong dream of the President, Matthew Naylor. Music is a constant in his day-to-day existence and has enhanced his professional and personal life immeasurably.  With a strong love of the community, he realized the need to provide a safe haven in the Coachella Valley where people could come to experience the beneficial powers of music through instruction, improvisation and collaboration.


As funding for arts education continues to be cut, the impact of this loss on our children is devastating. Music education and participation helps to develop social skills and teaches cooperation, team building and self-discipline. In these difficult economic times, arts programs are critical in providing a positive element in the lives of struggling families and unite the community. Marquee will help to fill that void in the community.


Mr. Naylor was inspired by two legendary music educators; Maestro José Antonio Abreu and Dick Grove. Their philosophy and techniques have become a foundation for Mr. Naylor. Maestro José Antonio Abreu is a Venezuelan pianist, economist, educator, activist, and politician. He is the founder and creator of a musical education program that has produced many illustrious musicians, such as Gustavo Dudamel, Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. In 1993 Maestro Abreu was awarded the prestigious IMC-UNESCO International Music Prize. His educational programs are now being taught in over 200 countries. Mr. Grove was an award-winning educator, musician, arranger and composer. He published numerous books covering basic musicianship, jazz harmony and ear training, improvisation, composing and arranging as related to contemporary styles of music.


Inspired by the music ensemble network founded by Maestro José Antonio Abreu in 1975, Mr. Naylor founded Marquee with the objective of fostering positive change through music and showing that music can illuminate the darkest and most desperate places, and infuse self-confidence and hope in the hearts and souls of children. Mr. Naylor will incorporate many of the lessons and music philosophies from both Mr. Grove and  Maestro José Antonio Abreu into the curriculum.


The Inspiration Behind Marquee Academy of Performing Arts