The Mission of Marquee Academy of Performing Arts is to provide an educational environment that fosters the artistic growth of its students, resourcing the support and involvement of local, regional and national artists and patrons of the arts.


To Achieve this Mission:


º Marquee will create an educational environment that fosters the artistic, intellectual, and personal growth of its students and prepares them to embark on successful careers and productive lives as artists and citizens,


º Marquee will ensure all who wish to learn the art and skill of creating music have the opportunity to pursue their dream, and ensure that financial considerations or prior musical training are not a deterrent to their enrollment,


º Marquee will uphold its commitment to the diversity of its community by fostering an environment that is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to all,


º Marquee is committed to serving the entire Coachella Valley,


º Marquee will take an active role in the community, by providing exemplary arts education programs and performance venue, and encouraging its students to serve as advocates for the arts in society. A society where the joy of making music is an integral part of the soundtrack of life. A world in which future generations exercise their choice to passionately defend and promote the beauty and brilliance of the arts.